Export-Import & Supply Chain

Supply chain management is a cross-functional approach that includes managing the movement of raw materials into an organization, certain aspects of the internal processing of materials into finished goods, and the movement of finished goods out of the organization and toward the end consumer. As organizations strive to focus on core competencies and become more flexible, they reduce their ownership of raw materials sources and distribution channels.

These functions are increasingly being outsourced to other firms that can perform the activities better or more cost effectively. The effect is to increase the number of organizations involved in satisfying customer demand, while reducing managerial control of daily logistics operations.

Less control and more supply chain partners lead to the creation of the concept of supply chain management. The purpose of supply chain management is to improve trust and collaboration among supply chain partners thus improving inventory visibility and the velocity of inventory movement.

Logistics Support

aversen™ logistics management components that is used to meet customer demands through the planning, control and implementation of the effective movement and storage of related information, goods and services from origin to destination. aversen logistics management helps companies reduce expenses and enhance customer service.

our  logistics management process begins with raw material accumulation to the final stage of delivering goods to the destination.

By adhering to customer needs and industry standards, logistics management facilitates process strategy, planning and implementation.

Transportation Management

A transportation management system (TMS) is part of supply chain management (SCM) centered on transportation logistics. A TMS enables interactions between an order management system (OMS) and distribution center (DC) or a warehouse.

our TMS handles four important operations of transport management:

  • Planning: Defines the best transportation strategies based on specified parameters, which would be of higher or lower importance as per the user policy. This includes transportation expenditure, minimum stops possible to guarantee quality, shorter lead-time, flows regrouping coefficient and so on.
  • Transportation execution: Enables the transportation plan execution. This includes carrier-rate approval, carrier sending, electronic data interchange (EDI), etc.
  • Transportation follow-up: Permits the following up of any administrative or physical operation regarding transportation. This includes event-by-event transportation traceability, receipt editing, customs clearance, invoicing as well as reserving documents, transport alerts delivery, etc.
  • Measurement: Includes or should include a strategic key performance indicator (KPI) report functionality for transportation.

We follow the Standard TMS:

  • Load optimization
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Delivery
  • Freight audit, payment, etc.
  • Yard administration
  • Advanced shipping
  • Order visibility
  • Carrier administration

Our TMSs are intended to reach the goals mentioned below:

  • Minimize expenditures by means of more effective route planning, load optimization, carrier combination as well as mode selection.
  • Enhanced accountability with exposure to the transportation chain.
  • Better flexibility to make modifications in delivery plans.
  • Realization of important supply chain execution demands.


Packaging & Shipping

Aversen Packaging and Shipping Supplies is a distributor of all packaging and shipping supplies; including boxes, tapes, tape dispensers, poly bags & liners, mailing tubes, stretch wrap, bubble & more. We carry thousands of items – more than can be listed on this website. Please contact us to inquire about any product.

Our production facilities have been located in the NY Metro area for the years, we also manufacture custom corrugated cartons, pop displays, die cuts, white boxes, double and triple wall. All can be custom printed and delivered for “just in time” production cycles.

We would like to thank our present customers for their continued support over the past few years. Without them it would have been impossible to grow to become the quality supply firm we are today.

If you have not purchased any items from us, please be assured that you will receive prompt service and only quality products.

Apparel & Fashion

aversen™ is a leading sourcing & manufacturer in Bangladesh and in the world. The company sources & produces some of the most fashionable Knit, woven, denim fabrics and garment products and owns one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh.

Clearing & Forwarding

Aversen Clearing and forwarding provides a service, on behalf of an importer or exporter, with the physical movement (logistics) and legalities (customs) in importing or exporting goods from one country to another. This service involves two service providers, namely the clearing agent and the freight forwarder.